About Us

What We Believe

We love architecture. We believe the built environment has the ability to inspire, energize, and arouse the soul. To us, there is something untouchably beautiful about a well designed, engineered, and constructed building that uniquely captures the spirit of innovation.

What We Do

We design, engineer, fabricate, and install building facades to fulfill the creative vision of our partners. We work with glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), terra cotta, and glass to deliver top quality systems. Our focus on cutting-edge designs challenges us to provide cutting-edge solutions.

kevin miske

Kevin Miske

Kevin started his career in management consulting at Accenture. After 10 years of working on client engagements in finance and insurance, he joined Building Blocks as its second employee. Since then, he has focused on growing existing lines of business and developing new opportunities. His current focus is to expand our GFRC manufacturing business.
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Jimmy Lee

Jimmy has over 30 years in the high rise cladding industry with expertise in pre-fabricated panelized systems that spans a variety of materials including precast and GFRC. He was formerly the President of GFRC Cladding and Vice President of GFRC 360. Before that he worked at Harmon Contract W.S.A and Curtain Wall Design and Consulting.
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Lizzie Amundsen

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todd zeller

Todd Zeller

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Michael Kramer

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Matt Seymour

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Maggie McMahon

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Louis Gamboa

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James Liu

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Joe Jastreboski

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