New GFRC Manufacturing Facility

We are thrilled to announce that Building Blocks has begun operations at our new glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) manufacturing facility. The 7-acre site outside of Orlando, Florida was chosen because of its proximity to our Florida markets and ease of shipping throughout the East Coast and Midwest United States. The plant employs highly trained technicians in a team-based, continuous learning environment.


Building Blocks uses GFRC for new construction in four distinct applications – cladding, curtainwall, formwork, and unitized wall systems. Our unitized system incorporates GFRC cladding, Schüco windows, and ThermaFiber insulation into a comprehensive prefabricated wall. It immediately provides a dry floor upon installation and delivers superior performance throughout the life of a building.


With the establishment of our production facility, Building Blocks is on track to introduce a proprietary mix of GFRC to the market. Preliminary tests indicate that our GFRC offers lower vapor permeability and less expansion than existing GFRC mixes. This will reduce tolerance requirements and deliver an even higher performance facade material for our project partners.


We continue to furnish terra cotta from Boston Valley Terra Cotta for both restoration and new construction projects.